On trust

Photo by Dio Hasbi Saniskoro on Pexels.com

Trust is the foundation of life, the beginning of harmonious living with yourself, with family and community. We’re born trusting deeply, our first breath an act of surrender to our carers and loved ones. As we grow, we come to know the complex connection between trust and vulnerability, intimacy and expansiveness, joy and serenity. We experience a chain of positive feelings, all dependent on one initial leap of faith: trust.

Yet, trust is a subtle gift. Sometimes we lose our capacity to trust through trauma or heart break. Other times, we have to withdraw it for our own protection and survival. These breakdowns are like snapping the emotional chain of our lives. If the chain gets broken, all the links need to be mended before it functions again. This repair work can ask great courage of us as we confront deeply held fears and beliefs about the world around us.

Sometimes, what holds us back is the idea that others are responsible for our feelings. Yet feelings only exist inside of us, a combination of sensations, thoughts, emotions, memories. If we witness the rich tapestry of our mind in our actions and reactions, we start the process of healing the breakdowns in the chain. We see the conditioning that stops us from trusting others and ourselves. We remember that we’re all flawed human beings trying to deal with an imperfect world.

How would your world change if you treated everyone as a friend? Perhaps you’d make spontaneous connections that bring new experiences into your life. You might feel happier and more relaxed in your mind. What would it be like to trust your feelings, intuition and judgement? Do you dare to trust yourself to navigate life just the way you need it?

Trusting is a leap of faith yet if you take it, it’s like filling your lungs with oxygen. You thrive. As Goethe said, ‘As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live’.

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